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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

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OWCP Administers disability compensation programs that provide benefits for certain workers or dependants who experience work-related injury or illness.
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Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

Agency Query System (AQS)

The OWCP Agency Query system (AQS) is now available over the Internet to authorized personnel from Federal Employing Agencies. The AQS is a secure Internet site that provides access to information on FEC injury claims. The information available includes current claims status, compensation payment history and medical bill payment history.

Due to Privacy Act considerations, Federal agencies should not request personal information over the Internet. Instead call or write to our Office.

For access to AQS, an individual should contact their Intra-Agency Coordinator (IAC). If an Employing Agency wants to access AQS, please contact the agency headquarters for information, or the Employing Agency may contact the OWCP National Office through Desira Contee at or by calling (202) 693-0926.

By using the AQS you can have access to:

  • IW case query: Display detail information on Injured Worker cases like demographic data, up to date case status information and compensation and bill payment history data.
  • Compensation Payment History of the case.
  • Information related to CA-7: date was received, date received by CE, date keyed into automated payment system, decision code and date.
  • Bill Payment History: summary of all the bills submitted for medical treatment, physical therapy, supplies and travel expenses. Provides date of service, type of provider, charge amount, amount paid by this office, date check went out. In addition, indicates if a bill is still in process or if it was denied.


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