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Freedom of Information Act Guide

Index and Description of Major NEA Information Systems

The range of information which we receive or utilize during the course of our operations is enormous. We have manual and on-line systems to organize information.

NEA Website

We encourage you to explore the entire Arts Endowment website. Here you will find a variety of documents describing the activities of the Arts Endowment.

Electronic Reading Room

The Arts Endowment's Electronic Reading Room provides links to our most frequently requested documents.

Public Reading Room

The Endowment's Library serves as our Public Reading Room, where interested members of the public are welcome. Here you will find many interesting books, periodicals, and historical documents about the Arts Endowment and the arts in America. You may also, by arrangement, review frequently requested FOIA documents. Admission to the Library is by appointment only. Appointments may be made by contacting:

NEA Library
110 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20506

Grants Management System

The Grants Management System is an internal on-line database used to track applications and grants. It cannot be accessed by the public. However, most grant information in the Grants Management System is available on request through FOIA.

Automatic Panel Bank System

This is an internal on-line database of potential and actual panelists. It cannot be accessed by the public. However, most information in the APBS (with the exception of panelist addresses and contact information) is available through FOIA. Anyone wishing to nominate a potential panelist should contact the NEA's Office of Panel Operations, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20506 for a panelist nomination form.

Financial Records System

This is an internal on-line database of NEA records. It cannot be accessed by the public.

Local Area Network

The Endowment operates a local area network that includes automated word processing and email systems. It cannot be accessed by the public.

Manual Systems

The NEA also has several manual information systems located in our Washington, DC office. For example, we maintain contract records; personnel records; payroll, leave and attendance records; equal employment opportunity records; and files on individual applications and grants.