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Model Workplace

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Photo of TSOs in Model Workplace training

Our most valued resource is our people. They need to perform at the highest levels, and we embrace a Model Workplace, which exemplifies the best employment ideals and practices from all organizations, to empower them to new standards of performance.

A Model Workplace means we will build and continuously foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture based on mutual respect, fairness, open communication and cooperation. We will provide all employees with the skills and processes that support these values. By providing an environment where everyone can excel, we are an employer of first choice.

Putting Our Principles into Action

In order to support our core values of Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork, the Model Workplace embodies this principle – Communication plus Cooperation plus Conflict Management yields Confidence in ourselves, in each other, and in the eyes of the public.


We function as one integrated entity with superior cross-functional communication and cooperation, and we consistently promote cross-functional approaches to problem solving in order to achieve organizational success.

Building a Model Workplace Culture

We assess managerial performance based, in part, on the extent to which management provides a working environment characterized by fair, consistent and nondiscriminatory treatment and provides authentic opportunities to raise and mutually resolve workplace issues without fear of recrimination or retaliation.

By promoting and rewarding excellence throughout the organization in handling conflict and in resolving disputes we minimize the costs of disputes and enhance employee morale, customer service and stakeholder relations effectively.

We create and maintain an environment that encourages and protects optimal information flow within TSA across organizational units and to and from all parts of the TSA community.

Building Competencies, Providing Process

Everyone who works with us is offered the skills and opportunity to raise and resolve issues through informal and formal channels, and employee involvement is promoted to the fullest extent possible.

We encourage the empowerment of both management and employees to raise issues and solve problems at the appropriate level.

We ensure that both managers and employees have informal and formal means of elevating and solving problems for those concerns not resolved at the first-line level and that there will be no retaliation or recrimination for utilizing these means.

We promote and reward excellence throughout the organization in handling change constructively with the least negative impact on the organization and its employees as possible.