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Online Learning Center


The TSA Online Learning Center (OLC) is a centralized learning management system designed to support the delivery and management of all TSA learning and development programs. The TSA Online Learning Center also will manage scheduling and records maintenance for all classroom and online training courses.

What Does the TSA Online Learning Center Mean to You?

In the TSA Online Learning Center, you will be able to browse catalogs of training courses and immediately access an online course, or request enrollment in a live classroom course. In addition, the OLC allows you to view your own training requirements and learning history at any time.

Meet your professional goals by using the TSA Online Learning Center to:

The Online Learning Center is Also Available through the Web

The Office of Workforce Performance and Training is pleased to announce that the TSA Online Learning Center (TSA OLC) can now be accessed via the World Wide Web. TSA employees and contractors with Student accounts can log in to the TSA OLC from anywhere at anytime by visiting:

When you click on this link, you will see the same TSA OLC Student Login screen that you're used to seeing on your TSA computer. All you have to do is type in your Student ID and Password, and you'll have access to the TSA OLC.


The TSA Online Learning Center is standing by for you!