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Helping You Find Solutions

Who are we?

The Office of the Ombudsman is a source for confidential, informal and neutral assistance to address your work-place related problems, issues and concerns. We are an advocate for fair process, procedures and programs.

Our office enjoys the full support of the Administrator of the TSA. Our doors are open to any employee, supervisor or manager of TSA. Contact us anytime you need help in resolving a workplace matter.

What We Do

Answer Inquiries -We can answer your questions, provide information, make referrals, and help clarify TSA policies, procedures, and practices.

Facilitate Communications We seek collaborative problem solving among all stakeholders.  We can bring individuals and groups together to open a dialogue about concerns and issues, when you think it’s a good idea.  We can serve as a channel for directing your views, opinions, and feedback to TSA management.

Identify Options - We can assist you in identifying and evaluating your options for resolving specific concerns and problems, even if our office does not become directly involved in the matter.

Resolve Problems - When appropriate, we can resolve problems using a variety of strategies and dispute resolution techniques.

The Ombudsman’s Commitment to You

“Neutrality is a key to our practice.  We take the side of fair process, but do not defend any employee or customer.”

Confidential Consultant - We will not disclose your identity and any information or material you share with us without your consent.  You can remain anonymous when speaking with us, if you prefer.  Your conversations with us are kept confidential; however, we reserve the right to report matters where there is risk of imminent harm.

Neutral in Practice - We listen with an open mind, review the facts and explain your options.  As designated neutrals, we have the responsibility to consider the concerns of all parties known to be involved in a disputed, but we do not take sides with any person or group.  In carrying out neutrality, we may act as an informal third party and conduct shuttle diplomacy to resolve a problem.

Independent in Function - We are an independent office within TSA’s organization structure and remain free from conflicts of interest in performing our work.  We report to the Administrator of TSA on remerging workplace trends and make recommendations on changes in policies, programs, or practices that would benefit TSA.

Advocate for Fairness - We advocate for the use of fair processes, programs, and procedures in resolving workplace disputes.  Our goal is to ensure that the system operates properly and equitable to resolve your specific concerns or issues.

The Ombudsman Does Not

Substitute for direct discussions between employees and supervisors/managers
Replace regular or formal channels of problem resolution within TSA
Testify or serve as a witness
Determine legal rights or make binding decisions
Substitute for the EEO complaint process or the functions of the Inspector General or the Office of Inspection

The Ombudsman Can

Shed light when you are unclear about how TSA’s policies, operations or regulations apply to you and your colleagues
Coach you on how to deal with a problem directly
Clarify and discuss the options available to remedy or address your concern.
Open channels of communication.
Look into situations in which you feel you have been unfairly treated or that a TSA policy has been applied unfairly, inconsistently, or erroneously, or is itself unfair.
Expedite the movement of issues to appropriate levels for resolution.
Assist with the informal resolution of uses that have not yet entered formal channels.
Intervene to resolve matters that fall outside established forums and processes.
Serve as a safe place for you to talk through your concerns

Contact us

Phone: 1-877-266-2837 (Toll free) or 571-227-2383

Fax: 571-227-1387 Our doors are open to everyone.  Contact us anytime you need assistance in resolving work-related matters.


Office of the Ombudsman
Transportation Security Administration
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 22202-4220