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Our Approach

Focus On People

Our Security Officers

Over 600 million people travel by air each year in our country. Guiding each one of them through the screening process are our 43 thousand Security Officers. They come from all walks of life. Each Security Officer goes through an intense training program on the latest technology, behavioral recognition and screening techniques. Each year every Security Officer must pass a difficult recertification, which is no easy feat. Sadly, some do not make the grade and move on to other careers. We cannot let our guard down for a minute.

Whether it’s training to detect the latest improvised explosive devices, offering a helping hand to a traveler in need or saving a life, our security officers do great things each day.

Learn more about our Security Officers, by reading their profiles or about their heroic actions outside of screening passengers.

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How do we approach our work? We focus on people. We push technological innovation. We manage risk. We rely on unpredictability.