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Program Overview

Screening Partnership Program

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We developed the Screening Partnership Program, or SPP, to meet mandates outlined in the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA). In order to benefit from private-sector expertise and know-how, airports work in partnership with us to hire a qualified private screening company to provide screening services under federal oversight.

The program is based on operational experience gained from a pilot program, known as the PP5, which launched at five different airports across the nation. Using key lessons learned, program improvements from evaluation studies and input from internal subject matter experts, such as our Federal Security Directors and views of external stakeholders, we further refined this important program before allowing all airports to apply to SPP.

SPP strives for a transition process that is fair, cost-effective and seamless. We believe it is in everyone's best interest to leverage the current work force, both from security and cost-effectiveness perspectives. SPP provides provisions that assist Federal Security Officers potentially affected by the transition to an SPP environment, including priority for employment with the private contractor and measures to facilitate movement to either TSA or other federal positions.

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