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Employee Civil Rights

Office of Civil Rights and Liberties

Any current or former TSA employee or applicant for employment who feel they have experienced unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation in either their employment or the hiring process may contact the Office of Civil Rights and Liberties to initiate the EEO complaint process in an attempt to resolve their complaints.p>

Current or former TSA employees or applicants may raise any of the legal bases listed below when initiating the EEO complaint process.

An Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist will assist any person who wishes to file a complaint to understand the EEO process and to explain how to file a complaint to initiate the process.

(877) EEO 4 TSA - (877) 336-4872 (Toll free number)

(800) 325-0778 (TDD/TTY)

(571) 227-1917 (HQ - TSA local area)

Please read the overview of the Alternative Resolutions to Conflict (ARC) (PPT 1 MB) mediation program for EEO complaints in the Office of Civil Rights.