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Network Management

» Click here to read the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Implementation in the Maritime Sector. (1Mb, pdf)

Terrorists groups are often networks that exploit the infrastructures of information to communicate and plan. This is particularly true of Al Qaeda. It takes a network to fight this network. We are creating a seamless connection between all those who have a stake in transportation security; among our agency and other government players, international allies and industry partners. We have reorganized our structure to align with the transportation network and have General Managers for critical transportation sectors – airlines, airports, business management, cargo, general aviation, highways, international, maritime, mass transit, network integration, pipelines, and rail.

Our adversaries are adaptable and unpredictable. We are using these same qualities in our response to the threat – qualities that are intrinsic to networks. We are working to ensure that we stay focused on risk and that we have the flexibility to reorient our operations and to respond quickly as risks emerge, evolve, or shift.