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Innovation & Technology

Our Approach

Keep Moving to Stay Ahead

Photo of a passenger being x-rayed by two TSOs.

TSA understands that threats to aviation security continue to evolve. They are more sophisticated and more complex than ever before. TSA must use every tool at our disposal to address those threats and develop methods of combating them. The use of new and innovative technology helps us stay ahead of those intent on harming our nation.

TSA is constantly moving forward its technology usage, staying ahead emerging threats. We know there's no silver bullet technology, no cure all, no end-all-be-all; but when used by our highly trained workforce and combined with the other layers of security, technology helps close down vulnerabilities.

Our strategy involves more than just screening of all carry-on and checked baggage. We use careful analysis of intelligence to determine where best to deploy our technology resources at airports, in subways, at ports and on rail. Uses of trace portal machines enable us to detect explosives on a person. Daily vetting of passengers and airport employees against watch lists let us protect the airports. And biometrics help us prevent unauthorized access at our nations' ports. That is only the beginning.

The suite of technology has grown considerably in the years since TSA took over airport security. Everyone remembers the walk through metal detector, which still serves an important function at the checkpoint. You may notice some new and unfamiliar machines at your local airports. This page is your first stop to learning about emerging screening technologies.