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Focus on People

Our Approach

Large group of male and female TSOs

Simply stated, our agency is about people.

Our work relies on thousands of dedicated Security Officers, air marshals, inspectors and staff members interacting with millions of travelers, truckers, longshoremen and officials in your community each day. We work with great people. We serve great people. We take immense pride in offering unparalleled security along with excellent customer service.

Our Security Officers are highly trained in the latest screening techniques and are supplied with the most advanced technology.

Our air marshals wing tirelessly day in and day out across the country, while remaining virtually unknown.

Our inspectors actively work in your community to ensure airports and maritime ports meet our exacting security standards.

Most importantly, you are an essential part of what we do. We strive to balance security with the necessity to treat each of you as if you were our only customer.

We focus on people.

Federal Air Marshals

Federal Air Marshals are dedicated, well-trained law enforcement professionals — each equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to keep our aviation system safe and secure.

They fly millions of miles each year without complaint or praise. Their entire mission is to go unseen and unheard.

Click here to learn more about what these great men and women do and what it's like to be a silent professional.


Our security inspectors work to enforce security guidelines developed in collaboration with both private and public sector experts. They are in your community at the local airport, cargo hub or harbor, tirelessly watching over facilities and operators to ensure there is no gap in the fence.

Through the Surface Transportation Security Inspection Program, we have deployed 100 inspectors, assigned to 18 field offices across the country. These inspectors provide support to our nation's largest mass transit systems, and perform frequent inspections of key facilities, including stations and terminals, for suspicious or unattended items, among others potential threats.

Inspectors are actively engaged in performing Security Analysis and Action Programs, which constitute a systematic examination of a stakeholder's operations to assess compliance with security requirements, identify security gaps, develop best practices, and gather information on the system, its operations, and its security resources and initiatives.

Security Officers

Each year, over 600 million people travel by air in our country. Guiding each one of them through the screening process are our 43,000 Security Officers.

They come from all walks of life. Each Security Officer goes through an intense training program on the latest technology, behavioral recognition and screening techniques. Each Security Officer must pass a difficult recertification each year, which is no easy feat. Sadly, some do not make the grade and move on to other careers. We cannot let our guard down for a minute.

Whether it's training to detect the latest improvised explosive devices, offering a helping hand to a traveler in need, or saving a life, our security officers do great things each day.

Our Service Commitment

Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that aligns with our passenger's need to be secure, while ensuring the freedom of movement for people. In doing so, our employees will assure customer confidence and ultimately establish a standard for passenger satisfaction.

Our culture provides passengers a secure and pleasant travel experience. We achieve this through highly-competent and dedicated customer service teamwork and respect. We strive to earn the respect and trust of all airline passengers by practicing the following five principles: