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Registered Traveler

Our Approach

As a result of the July 30, 2008 Federal Register Notice (FRN) regarding Registered Traveler (RT), the Registered Traveler Interoperability Pilot (RTIP) was concluded, which cleared the way for further transition of the RT Program into a private sector enterprise beyond the 20 RTIP locations. Additional changes to the program, as a result of the FRN, include:

During the transition process, relevant RT Program documentation for both Sponsoring Entities (SEs) and Service Providers (SPs) will be updated in accordance with the July 30, 2008 FRN. However, until further guidance is issued by TSA, SEs and SPs should continue to use the current RT Program documentation unless otherwise specified in the FRN.

RT Program Documentation

To Participate in the Registered Traveler (RT) Program

To participate in the Registered Traveler (RT) program, please contact your local airport. A current list of participating airports/air carriers is available in the next section entitled, "Participating Sponsoring Entities".

Participating Sponsoring Entities

The following Sponsoring Entities are currently operating the RT program at their respective locations.