Statement from Maria Aguilar Sentner

Losing my husband has been the most horrible experience in my life. After reading all of the sympathy expressions, I am very proud of his memory. I am very sure that the way he lived, the way he died, his professionalism, his sense of humor, and his beautiful smile – will all be forever in the hearts of many people. I can feel that his dream is going to come true:  “I pray to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for each and every one of your thoughts and prayers. On one hand, the kind words, gestures, thoughts and prayers are painful to my broken heart. But, at the same time, they show me that I need to keep my chin up and live my life to its fullest.

To Buddy: I am so glad that I met you; I am so glad that you are my husband.