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Claims Management Branch

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TSA currently employs 45,000 screeners at over 450 airports across the United States and its territories. These screeners check over 50 million checked bags and over 35 million passengers per month.

Occasionally, during the screening process, a screener may damage or misplace a passenger's property. It is the mission of this office to reimburse passengers that have experienced loss or damage due to the negligence of a TSA employee.

The TSA Claims Management Branch will attempt to resolve your claim as quickly as possible (often within 60 days); however, we may require up to six (6) months to fully investigate your claim before we can make a recommendation to approve, deny, or offer a settlement. Critical life-supporting medications and property will be expedited through the claims process.

The Standard Claims Process

This is the general automated process for all TSA tort claims. However, some claims may require further investigation by a TSA Federal Agent or local Law Enforcement. This process may take longer and include additional steps beyond the process outlined above.