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Civil Enforcement Policies

Security Laws

Information For Travelers on Prohibited Items

TSA needs the help of the traveling public in reducing the number of prohibited items brought to airport screening checkpoints.  Visit this link for the list of prohibited items. TSA recognizes that most passengers who carry prohibited items do so without any ill intent.  TSA does not impose fines on the vast number of passengers who inadvertently carry prohibited items.  Dealing with any prohibited item, however, adds time to the screening process both for the traveler who brought the item and for other travelers as well.  Some items pose such a risk to the traveling public and the screening work force that TSA will consider imposing a fine on the traveler.

Items for which fines may be imposed include firearms, ammunition and other explosives, incendiaries including larger amounts of self-defense spray, and certain dangerous knives.  Fines also may be imposed when passengers attempt to artfully conceal prohibited items or behave in a manner that is so uncooperative and disruptive that it physically interferes with the screening process.  Carrying some prohibited items could result in both a civil and criminal enforcement action.

Enforcement Sanctions Guidance

This policy directive provides sanction guidance for imposing civil penalties of up to $25,000 per violation for aircraft operators and up to $10,000 per violation for all other persons, including individuals, when a determination is made that civil penalty enforcement action should be taken. This sanction guidance is being issued to assist TSA personnel on the appropriate application of penalties under TSA's present civil penalty authority.

Voluntary Disclosure

This policy directive relates to information and guidance that may be used by aircraft operators (except individuals), indirect air carriers, foreign air carriers, airports and flight training providers when voluntarily disclosing to TSA apparent violations of TSA regulations listed in paragraph II.  The TSA Voluntary Disclosure program does not apply to violations or apparent violations committed by individuals other than individuals as agents of covered regulated entities, under paragraph XI.  

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