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Security Screening

What We Do

Air travel is an essential part of our daily lives. Over 600 million people fly each year, not to mention the millions bags which go along with them. That’s why most of our efforts are dedicated to ensuring the unthinkable doesn’t happen. We screen every passenger and every bag boarding a commercial aircraft today, including international travelers arriving in the United States before they meet a connecting flight.

Our team highly of trained Security Officers operates at over 700 security checkpoints and nearly 7,000 baggage screening areas each day. We use the latest technology and equipment combined with continually improving screening techniques and our other layers of security to prevent any terrorist or criminal activity.

Every air traveler today is screened by our team using the latest screening techniques to prevent any terrorist or criminal activity. Learn more.



Every piece of luggage is screened for explosives using the latest technology and equipment before being placed on a plane. Read more.



Our job goes well past security screening. We use multiple layers from screening air cargo to monitoring flight students. Learn more about what we do to make our transportation systems secure.