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Alien Flight Student Program

Layers of Security

The Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) conducts background checks for non-U.S. citizens seeking flight training.  Prior to obtaining flight training non-U.S. citizens must apply online through the AFSP website and provide their fingerprints, biographical information, security documents including passport copies, and specific information about their desired training events.  The AFSP processes candidate training request applications using four different categories distinguished by the type of training requested.

An application fee of $130 for the background check is required.  The AFSP also requires flight schools to submit a digital photo taken of the candidate on the day they report to training to verify their identity.  In addition, flight schools must undergo annual security awareness training.  To help fulfill this requirement, the Security Awareness Training course is available online. 

Flight School Security Awareness Training

Recurrent Flight School Security Awareness Training  (PDF 91 KB)

Applying For The Program

To begin the application process, please visit the following websites and create an account:



Additional Information Regarding AFSP

Relevant Links Regarding the AFSP

TSA-2004-19147-1: TSA Interim Final Rule (IFR)
TSA-2004-19147-226: Clarifies Recurrent Training, AFSP Record-keeping Requirements and the Grandfather Clause
TSA- 2004-19147-227: Clarifies exemption for U.S. citizens, Proof of U.S. Citizenship, Legal Permanent Residents, Provider Registration, Security Awareness Training, Flight Schools outside the U.S. and Recurrent Training
TSA-2004-19147-324: Clarifies the exemption for airships, balloons and gliders
TSA-2004-19147-337: Clarifies the Category 3 clarification for required training events and documents to be submitted for recurrent training

Contact Information

AFSP Help Desk Phone - (571) 227-4544
AFSP E-mail -

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