Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Press Releases


October 28, 2008: DNI Releases Budget Figure for National Intelligence Program


October 17, 2008: DNI Cyber Exec Op-Ed printed by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service


October 6, 2008: New Policy Makes Information Sharing a Factor in Employees' Performance Reviews


September 30, 2008: ODNI Announces New Security Policy for Information Systems


September 10, 2008: Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program Honored as Innovations in American Government Award Winner


August 22, 2008: IC's Chief Information Officer Will Leave Post Next Month


August 19, 2008: Intelligence Community's Novel IT Services Garner Award


July 31, 2008: Statement by the DNI on Executive Order 12333


July 28, 2008: DNI McConnell's Op-Ed in USA TODAY


July 24, 2008: Conference to Explore Implications of New Technologies For Open Source Analysis


July 22, 2008: DoD and ODNI Adopt New Software Licensing Approach To Enhance Information Sharing


July 18, 2008: NCIX Letter to the NYT Public Editor


June 11, 2008: Michael Leiter Confirmed as NCTC Director


May 13, 2008: ODNI and DoD CIO's Embrace Information Sharing Between Interagency Computer Networks


May 6, 2008: ODNI Launches New Web Site


May 2, 2008: Amb. Kenneth Brill Op-Ed printed by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service


April 4, 2008: DNI Announces Intelligence Community Information Sharing Strategy


April 3, 2008: DNI Names New Director of Public Affairs


April 2, 2008: DNI McConnell/Congresswoman Eshoo Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal


March 20, 2008: Second National Fusion Center Conference Held to Foster Greater Collaboration


March 11, 2008: DoJ/ODNI Statement Regarding House FISA Proposal


February 23, 2008: DoJ/ODNI Statement Regarding Cooperation with Private Partners - FISA


February 15, 2008: DNI McConnell's Op-Ed in the Washington Post


January 31, 2008: DNI Names New Director for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement


January 9, 2008: DNI Names First Director of IARPA

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