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    USCIS Warns of Impostor Websites

    The USCIS reminds the public that only Websites ending with the ".gov" suffix are official government Websites. The Web address of the official USCIS Website is

    Many other non-governmental Websites (e.g., using the suffixes ".com," ".org" or ".net") provide legitimate and useful immigration-related information and services. Regardless of the content of other Websites, USCIS does not endorse, recommend or sponsor any information or material posted at any other Website besides this one.

    Furthermore, a few other non-government Websites may try to mislead customers and members of the public into thinking they are official USCIS Government Websites. These Websites may attempt to charge you for services such as for USCIS forms that are free on the USCIS or another government Website. They may also charge you for services that you may never receive. They also do not have access to official immigration job application information or to official Department of Homeland Security job listings on USAJOBS.GOV, so be wary of sending any personal or biographical information that might be used for identity fraud/theft to unofficial websites.

    The USCIS InfoPass appointment scheduler is a FREE service. There is NO CHARGE for using InfoPass.

    The official U.S. Government website has a resource page that can help you avoid, and report, internet fraud.

    NOTE: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued the following warning on December 20th, 2003:

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is advising that all prospective immigrants who bought diversity visa (DV) lottery application services from USA Immigration Services and are natives of eligible countries will need to register on their own for the annual DV lottery. USA Immigration Services is no longer operating, and its principals are in jail. USA Immigration Services did not process your application and you will need to register on your own (if you have not already done so). USA Immigration Services is not affiliated with the United States government.

    A Word About USCIS Forms Online

    We are happy to offer the most up-to-date versions of all official public use forms for free on our Website. Some of these forms are even fillable online (you must use the freely-available Adobe Acrobat Reader for these). Please note that many non-USCIS Websites also offer Immigration forms. Some will allow you to download them for free, and others charge a fee. Regardless, as stated above, none of these Websites is affiliated or endorsed by the USCIS. Some of these sites may not have the latest official versions of our forms. You should note that use of older (and possibly withdrawn) editions of our forms may result in your application or petition being denied or delayed. Please further note that some non-USCIS immigration Websites link directly to immigration forms without going through the important Forms Entry Page (FEP). This may seem like a convenience, but it may lead you to miss important information that could lead to the return of your form or delay in your processing.


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