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The Immigration and Nationality Act as amended over the years, provides the basic framework for regulating the flow of visitors, workers and immigrants to the United States. The last major overhaul of the immigration system was the Immigration Act of 1990. This Act provides most of the still-current immigrant and nonimmigrant classification and numerical ceilings (subsequent legislation has added new classifications and/or amended existing ones -- but the basic framework remains largely the same as in 1990).

These pages are intended for public information purposes only. They are not intended to provide links to all the information and forms needed to apply for and take advantage of one of these classifications/visas. However, it is instructive to record in one place the variety of classifications and visas that make up the U.S. immigration system today. Please note: The State Department is the entity of the U.S. Government that is chiefly responsible for determining eligibility and issuing visas for entry to the US. Visas are not issued through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Visit the Department of State's website for visa information.

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