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Electronic Filing for Immigration Benefits

  • Do you want to file your benefits application from home, from work, from the coffee shop around the corner-- anywhere with an Internet connection?
  • Do you want to pay your fees with a credit card or directly through your checking or savings account?
  • Do you want immediate confirmation that your application has been received by USCIS?

E-Filing provides a user-friendly way to file some of our most popular forms at any time of the day or night. Browse the links below to see if e-Filing is the best option for you.

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  • E-Filing Reference Guide
    Understand how the USCIS e-Filing system operates for your specific application.

  • Avoiding Common E-Filing Mistakes
    Review the information accessible through this link before you begin the e-Filing process to avoid common e-Filing errors.

  • Forms Currently Available for E-Filing
    Find out if the application you want to submit can be e-Filed, and if you're one of our many customers who is eligible to file your application electronically. Also, find out the specifics on how to complete your e-Filing application.

  • Photographs and Fingerprints
    Determine which forms require photographs or fingerprints

  • E-Filing Forms Concurrently
    Several applications and petitions may be submitted concurrently with other applications. Please review the information accessible through this link for additional information.

  • Additional Online Privacy Information for E-Filers

  • Submitting Supporting Documentation
    E-Filed applications may require supporting documents or evidence. Please review information accessible through this link for information on submitting supporting documentation. (Note: Please also review the specific Form instructions for additional information regarding supporting documents specific to each Form.)

  • Paying Application Fees
    E-Filing offers more payment options than paper filing.

Last updated: 03/13/2008

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