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Asylum Resources

Welcome to the Asylum Resource Information Center. Here you will find information about our role, our publications, how to access our publications, and other questions that you might have relating to asylum resources.

What publications are available to the public?

We produce a number of publications that are available for downloading at our RIC Country Information Pages. Most are available in their entirety in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The exceptions are Master Exhibits and Information Packets which are compilations of open source documents and only have the Table of Contents available.

Can you conduct research for me?

Our mission is to serve the Asylum Officer Corps and DHS. We do not have the resources to conduct research for the general public or private attorneys.

Country Information Pages

We provide access to all our work products, including our formal responses to queries by Asylum Officers, arranged by region with countries in each region arranged alphabetically. In addition to any papers or query responses, the Country Information Page contains links to country and human rights information from other key sources.

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