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Immigration Services and Benefits

USCIS National Customer Service Center:



1-800-767-1833 (TTY)


Welcome to the Immigration Services and Benefits Home Page. This page provides information on the services provided by USCIS to applicants, petitioners, authorized representatives, community-based organizations, and the general public.

Included among the immigration benefits the USCIS oversees are: citizenship, lawful permanent residency, family- and employment-related immigration, employment authorization, inter-country adoptions, asylum and refugee status, replacement immigration documents, and foreign student authorization.

In addition to administering the programs that provide these benefits, we also work to answer questions and find solutions to problems brought to our attention by the public, special interest groups, other government agencies, and the U.S. Congress regarding immigration concerns.

For information about a particular immigration benefit or service, please select the appropriate button on the menu to your left.

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