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The Center for Intergovernmental Solutions is the only U.S. government organization whose primary mission is to bring public-sector leaders together to share information, knowledge, and experience in leveraging best-practices to improve services to citizens.

As a division of the U.S. General Services Administration's Office of Citizen Services - which is the government's center of excellence for citizen customer services - we produce publications, networking sessions, teleconferences and workshops; organize and support international events; and use advanced technology to foster relationships among senior government leaders around the country and around the world:


  • Publishing The DotGovBuzz monthly email newsletter for “e-government movers and shakers.”
  • Publishing a twice-yearly intergovernmental newsletter on emerging and timely issues such as citizen services, disaster management, and protecting personally identifiable information.
  • Bringing e-government leaders together and building relationships among them by providing safe forums for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, insights, information, and best practices. 
  • Managing these forums, which may include face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, videoconferences, online publications, collaborative expedition workshops, and wiki-supported communities of practice.
  • Identifying cutting edge issues that government leaders will need to deal with in the near future and initiating steps to help governments address them.
  • Expanding the e-government knowledge base by compiling and disseminating crucial information.


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Our communities and collaboration tools help bring officials together to solve common problems.


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