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Congressional Directory: Browse

The browse feature allows you to view sections from the Congressional Directory for the current Congress and the Interim Congressional Directory for the 105th Congress forward. Each browse table displays the title, file format, file size, and corresponding page number(s) of each section in the print version of the Congressional Directory. Documents are available in ASCII text and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

110th Congress
109th Congress
108th Congress

Cover of the 2007-08 Congressional  Directory

January 2007
August 2008

Cover of the 2005-06 Congressional  Directory

January 2005
September 2006

Cover of the 2003-04 Congressional  Directory

October 2003
November 2003
January 2004
August 2004

107th Congress
106th Congress
105th Congress

Cover of the 2001-02 Congressional  Directory

January 2002
October 2002

Cover of the 1999-00 Congressional  Directory

January 1999
February 2000
October 2000

Cover of the 2001-02 Congressional  Directory

October 1998

NOTE: Interim editions (online-only revisions) of the Congressional Directory began with the 1997-1998 Directory. The Directory for the current Congress is updated as changes are received from the JCP. The frequency of these online revisions are determined by the volume of changes submitted for incorporation. No printed counterpart will exist for these online publication revisions.