Active Grants (continued)

Principal Investigator Title Institution Project
Harada, Nancy D. Patterns of Rehabilitation Use Following Stroke University of California Los Angeles 2001-2003 R03 HS11482 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Harpole, Linda H. A Randomized Trial of Headache Management Programs Duke University Medical Center 2001-2004 R01 HS10893 Cummings, Mary
Hendryx, Michael S. Measuring Mental Health Outcomes Fairly Washington State University 2000-2001 R13 HS10112 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Hlatky, Mark A. Cardiac Arrhythmia PORT Stanford University 1994-2000 R01 HS08362 Stryer, Daniel B.
Ho, Vivian
Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease University of Alabama at Birmingham 2001-2002 R03 HS11501 Stryer, Daniel
Hoge, Michael A. Conference on Behavioral Health Workforce Education American College of Mental Health Administration 2001-2002 R13 HS10965 Mullican, Charlotte
Holbrook, Troy L. Study of Functional Outcome after Trauma in Adolescents University of California San Diego 1998-2003 R01 HS09707 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Hulley, Stephen B. Medicine or Surgery? University of California San Francisco 1996-2001 U01 HS09478 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Jarvik, Jeffrey G. Rapid MR vs. X-Ray: Randomized Outcome Trial for Back Pain University of Washington 1998-2001 R01 HS09499 Cummings, Mary A.
Johansen, Kirsten Lee Factors Affecting Choice of Types of Hemodialysis Access Northern California Institute for Research and Education 2001-2002 R03 HS11471 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Johnson-Masotti, Ana P. Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HIV Prevention Medical College of Wisconsin 2001-2002 R03 HS11364 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Keita, Gwendolyn P. Women's Health Conference American Psychological Association 2000-2001 R13 HS10113 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Keller, Robert B. Maine Lumbar Spine Study Maine Medical Assessment Foundation 1998-2003 R01 HS09804 Cummings, Mary A.
Kiefe, Catarina I. Impact of Guidelines on Quality of Care: Unstable Angina University of Alabama 1997-2000 R01 HS08843 Stryer, Daniel
Kroll, Thilo Violence & SCI: Understanding the Rehabilitation Context Medstar Research Institute 2002-2003 R03 HS13039 Cummings, Mary
Langfitt, John T. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Surgery in Epilepsy-Cease University of Rochester 1998-2002 R01 HS09986 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Lau, Joseph Evaluation of Safety Data Reporting in Randomized Trials New England Medical Center Hospitals, Inc. 1999-2000 R03 HS10345 Hsia, David C.
Laxminarayan, Ramanan Conference on Economics of Antibiotic Resistance Resources for the Future 2001-2002 R13 HS10943 Baine, William
Levine, Robert A. Translating Prevention Research Into Practice Meharry Medical College 2000-2003 U18 HS11131 Cummings, Mary A.
Levinson, Wendy A RCT of Computer Screening for Domestic Violence University of Chicago 2000-2003 R01 HS11096 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Lin, Hung-Mo Assessing Regression to the Mean and Intervention Effect Pennsylvania State University 2001-2003 R03 HS11452 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Loberiza, Fausto R. Stem Cell Transplant Center Factors & Clinical Outcomes Medical College of Wisconsin 2002-2004 R03 HS13046 Chiang, Yen-pin
Logue, Everett A Primary Care Intervention for Obesity Summa Health System 1998-2002 R01 HS08803 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Lynch, Anne M. Outcomes in Spontaneous and Latrogenic Multiple Pregnancy Kaiser Foundation Research Institute 2000-2001 R03 HS10700 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Maloney, William J. AHRQ/AAOS Total Joint Registry Workshop American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2001-2002 R13 HS12071 Cummings, Mary
Manber, Rachel Acupuncture Treatment of Depression During Pregnancy Stanford University 1998-2001 R01 HS09988 Cummings, Mary A.
Mandelblatt, Jeanne S. Care, Costs and Outcomes of Local Breast Cancer Georgetown University 1994-2000 R01 HS08395 Cummings, Mary A.
Manson, Spero M. Understanding and Reducing Native Elder Health Disparities University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 2000-2005 P01 HS10854 Stryer, Daniel B.
Mayberry, Robert M. Access and Quality of Care for Vulnerable Black Population Morehouse School of Medicine 2000-2005 P01 HS10875 Stryer, Daniel B.
McClellan, Mark B. The Effects of Medical Malpractice Reforms National Bureau of Economic Research 1997-2000 R01 HS08804 Hsia, David C.
McCloskey, Laura The costs and benefits of intervening: Battered Women's Mental and Physical Health Over Time Harvard University 2000-2005 R01 HS11088 Mullican, Charlotte A.
McNeil, Barbara J. Validating Guidelines for the Care of AMI Patients Harvard University 1994-2000 R01 HS08071 Cummings, Mary A.
Meenan, Richard T. Application of Conjoint Analysis to Preferences of Low Back Pain Patients Kaiser Foundation Research Institute 2001-2003 R03 HS11726 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Mehr, David R. Outcomes of Lower Respiratory Infection in Nursing Home Residents University of Missouri Columbia 1996-2000 R01 HS08551 Mullican, Charlotte A.

Morgenstern, Hal

Chiropractic vs. Medical Care for Low-Back Pain University of California 1995-2000 R01 HS07755 Cummings, Mary A.
Motheral, Brenda R. Evaluation of a Three-Tier Copay University of Arizona 1999-2000 R03 HS10066 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Mower, William R. Selective Computed Head Tomography in Blunt Trauma University of California 1999-2001 R01 HS09699 Bosco, Lynn A.
Ness, Roberta B. Effectiveness of Outpatient Treatment for PID University of Pittsburgh 1995-2000 R01 HS08358 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Ness, Roberta B. Home Screening for Chlamydia Surveillance University of Pittsburgh 2000-2005 R01 HS10592 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Neumann, Peter J. A Comprehensive Database of Cost-Effectiveness Analyses Harvard University 2001-2004 R01 HS10919 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Paneth, Nigel S. Strategies for Care of the Very Low Birthweight Infant Michigan State University 1996-2000 R01 HS08385 Fox, Steven
Peipert, Jeffrey Physician/Patient Preferences in Hysterectomy Women and Infants Hospital 1999-2000 R03 HS09846 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Phillips, Lawrence S. Improving Primary Care of African-Americans with NIDDM Emory University 1998-2002 R01 HS09722 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Piette, John D. Automated Assessments and the Quality of Diabetes Care Palo Alto Institute Research and Education, Inc. 1999-2003 R18 HS10281 Stryer, Daniel
Platt, Richard The HMO Research Network CERT Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare 2000-2003 U18 HS10391 Bosco, Lynn A.

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