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ASTM Publishes Biodiesel Specifications
ASTM Publishes Biodiesel Specifications

New ASTM specification D7467 for finished B6 to B20 biodiesel fuel blends, to be used in on- and off-road diesel engines, is now available. Three additional standards have been revised and published; they specify up to B5 biodiesel blend in diesel fuel oils (D975), biodiesel in burner fuel oils (D396) and the addition of a new cold soak filterability test to the biodiesel fuel blend stock, B100, for middle distillate fuels (D6751). The standards were developed by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants. More.

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National Standards Body of United Arab Emirates Signs MOU with ASTM
National Standards Body of United Arab Emirates Signs MOU with ASTM International

On Oct. 13, James Thomas, president, ASTM International, and Waleed Bin Falah Al-Mansouri, director general, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), signed a memorandum of understanding. MOUs, of which there are now 62, allow ASTM and national standards bodies to join together to achieve standardization goals for both organizations. Earlier in the day, Thomas and Al-Mansouri participated in a workshop on Arab and U.S. standards and conformance held in Dubai. More.