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National LandView® 6


Information for current users of the LandView 6 National discs:

Do the LandView 6 East/West discs differ in content from the LandView 6 National discs?

Answer: The two products do not differ in content.

Do you want to run LandView 6 from the DVD only?

Answer: Only the LandView 6 East/West DVDs can be run directly from the DVD. The LandView 6 National DVDs must be installed to a network server or a local hard drive before LandView 6 will run.

If you need to run LandView 6 from a network server or hard drive, which version of LandView 6 must you use?

Answer: If you wish to access LandView 6 information for two states that are only on the East disc (e.g., Connecticut and Massachusetts), or on the West disc (e.g., Arizona and New Mexico), you can install the applicable disc on your network and forego purchasing the National discs. If, however, you wish to access two states on different discs (e.g., Connecticut and Arizona), you must purchase the National DVD kit and install the discs on your network.

If I want to run LandView 6 on a network and I need all states, must I order the full LandView 6 package?

Answer: Yes, you must have all four discs -- the East/West discs and the two National discs. You can order the package as a whole (both the East and West discs and the National discs) or order the two component sets separately, but you will need all four discs if you expect to access maps and data for states across the country.

I already have the LandView 6 East/West DVDs. Do I have to order the entire kit?

Answer: If you already have either the LandView 5 or LandView 6 East/West DVDs, you only need to order the National DVDs as described below. Please be aware that installing the National DVDs to your hard drive or server requires that you copy selected files from East/West discs containing the TIGER/Line 2000 map layers. Failure to do this will result in the MARPLOT program not running properly and you will not be able to see roads, hydrography and railroads.

The National discs are specialized products designed for users who need to have all LandView 6 data and maps available simultaneously on either their LAN server or local hard drive. This package contains the merged databases and maps (excluding the TIGER/Line® 2000 map layers) plus the East/West discs which provide the TIGER/Line® 2000 map layers. Installation requires 12 gigabytes of server or hard drive disc space. Because the national data set exceeds the capacity of either of the East/West DVDs (8 GB), it requires that data from each of these DVDs be copied to the server or hard drive before you can run the LandView 6 program.

There is no difference in content between the National Version and the standard East/West Disc set. However, if you want to be able to run the LandView 6 program from the DVDs, you must use the East/West DVDs.

Order the LandView 6 East/West discs and the National discs Combination:

Availability: Receive the LandView 6 DVD 2-disc set and the National 2-disc set (four discs)
Product ID: VS-T00-LV06-22-US1
Price: $239

National LandView 6 DVDs Only:
Availability: Receive the National LandView 6 DVD 2-disc set
Product ID: V1-T00-LV06-22-NAT1
Price: $159

Installation and System Requirements:

For system requirements, approximately 12 gigabytes of space are required on the network server for file installation. See Detailed System Requirements for more information.

For installation requirements and procedures, see Network Installation of LandView.

To Place an Order: LandView Support — Geographic Products Management Branch: 301-763-1128, or email landview@geo.census.gov

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