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Economic Surveys - Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) For Manufacturing, Mining and Trade Corporations on Diskette


Availability: Cumulative Quarterly diskettes. Annual subscription or single diskette. Technical Documentation included with each order. Also available in print. Three diskette options:

Subscription - User receives all diskettes issued in a calendar year.

Latest Diskette - Contains quarterly data back to the first quarter of 2000.

Archival Diskette - The third quarter 2001 diskette includes data from the 4th Quarter of 1987 through the 3rd Quarter of 2001.

File Structure: dBase III+

Subject: Data are provided for domestic corporations and their consolidated domestic subsidiaries. Data are tabulated by kind-of-business categories, asset size, and include financial data for the year/quarter indicated on each record. Selected industries in SIC codes 10-14, 20-39, and 50-59 at the 2-digit level are available from the fourth quarter 1987 through the third quarter 2001. Selected industries in NAICS codes 211-213, 311- 386, 421-422, and 441-450 at the 3-digit level are available from the fourth quarter 2000 to the most recent released data.

The user may convert the data files to popular spreadsheet, database, or ASCII formats. In addition, the SIC-based software, in the Windows version, enables the user to view, print and graph selected data.

Comparison of North American Industry Classification System data to Standard Industrial Classification data (see 3rd quarter 2001 diskette) are useful only for trend analysis.

Geography: United States

Census contact: Customer Services 301-763-INFO (4636); Content - Yolando St. George, 301-763-3350.

QFR Annual Subscription - 2005 KS-E05-QFRS-09-US1 4 Quarters - 3 1/2" HD diskette

Quarterly Financial Report - 2nd Quarter 2005 K1-E05-QFR1-09-US1 Released 09/05 Document [pdf]

Quarterly Financial Report - 1st Quarter 2005 K1-E05-QFR1-09-US1 Released 06/05 Document [pdf]

Quarterly Financial Report - 3rd Quarter 2001 K1-E01-QFR3-09-US1 Released 12/01 Document [pdf]

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