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Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)

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The Office of Labor-Management Standards ensures union democracy, transparency, and financial integrity.

OLMS Organization Chart

OLMS Org Chart



Deputy Assistant Secretary
  - Don Todd

Deputy Director, OLMS
  - Andrew Auerbach

Division of Planning, Management and Technology
  - Sheila Joy, Chief

Office of Enforcement and International Union Audits
  - Stephen Willertz, Director
Division of Enforcement
  - Cynthia Downing, Chief
Division of International Union Audits
  - James Devine, Chief

Office of Policy, Reports and Disclosure
  - Denise Boucher, Director

Division of Interpretations and Standards
  - Andrew R. Davis, Acting Chief

Division of Reports, Disclosure & Audits
  - Larry King, Chief
Branch of Disclosure & Examinations
  - Larry King, Acting Chief
Branch of Audits
  - James Haskins, Chief

Division of Statutory Programs
  - Ann Comer, Chief



Northeastern Region

- Eric Feldman, Regional Director
Boston Office, Buffalo Office, New York Office, Philadelphia Office, Pittsburgh Office

Southern Region

-L. Antoinette Dempsey, Regional Director
Atlanta Office, Dallas Office, Nashville Office, New Orleans Office, Washington Office

Central Region

- Ronald Lehman, Regional Director
Chicago Office, Cincinnati Office, Cleveland Office, Detroit Office, Milwaukee Office

Western Region

- Dennis Eckert, Regional Director
Denver Office, Los Angeles Office, San Francisco Office, Seattle Office, St. Louis Office



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