98.320 - Period of debarment.

(a) Debarment shall be for a period commensurate with the seriousness of the cause(s). If a suspension precedes a debarment, the suspension period shall be considered in determining the debarment period.
(1) Debarment for causes other than those related to a violation of the requirements of subpart F of this part generally should not exceed three years. Where circumstances warrant, a longer period of debarment may be imposed.
(2) In the case of a debarment for a violation of the requirements of subpart F of this part (see 98.305(c)(5)), the period of debarment shall not exceed five years.
(b) The debarring official may extend an existing debarment for an additional period, if that official determines that an extension is necessary to protect the public interest. However, a debarment may not be extended solely on the basis of the facts and circumstances upon which the initial debarment action was based. If debarment for an additional period is determined to be necessary, the procedures of 98.311 through 98.314 shall be followed to extend the debarment.
(c) The respondent may request the debarring official to reverse the debarment decision or to reduce the period or scope of debarment. Such a request shall be in writing and supported by documentation. The debarring official may grant such a request for reasons including, but not limited to:
(1) Newly discovered material evidence;
(2) Reversal of the conviction or civil judgment upon which the debarment was based;
(3) Bona fide change in ownership or management;
(4) Elimination of other causes for which the debarment was imposed; or
(5) Other reasons the debarring official deems appropriate.

[53 FR 19188, 19189, 19204, May 26, 1988, as amended at 54 FR 4950, 4959, Jan. 31, 1989]