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Virginia Apple Growers Lead U.S. Apple Suppliers to Cuba

Recipents of an Export Trade Certificate of Review in April of 2003,Virginia Apple Growers Association (VAGA) topped the list of U.S. apple suppliers to Cuba in the last quarter of 2003.  VAGA formed an Export Trading Company (ETC) under the umbrella of their Export Trade Certificate of Review. The Virginia apple ETC has enabled VAGA to accelerate their market development efforts.  Beginning full operation in August 2003, the VAGA export joint venture, under the export management expertise of The GIC Group (GIC), generated export sales of $661,966 for VAGA members during the seasonal selling period of November 2003 through March 2004.  According to GIC, the joint venture has sold 49 container loads of fresh apples to Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica, Russia, and Sri Lanka.  These countries represent export markets previously untapped by the VAGA membership.

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