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History at the Department of Labor

History eSources

Below are links to historical resources from the Department of Labor, other federal civilian agencies, and selected non-governmental bodies. The list is as complete as possible for civilian governmental sites but it includes just a sampling of the vast number of non-governmental history sites available. Links from these sites will also lead to many more historical pages.

Department of Labor Historical Pages

Bureau of Labor Statistics — Monthly Labor Review Online: Index

Employment Standards Administration

History of Labor Day

History of Minimum Wage Changes

Labor Hall of Fame

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Mine Safety and Health Administration — Mining History

Occupational Safety and Health Administration — Chronology

Office of Labor Management Services

Veterans' Employment and Training Service

Wirtz Labor Library

Women's Bureau

Women's Bureau — Directors

Additional DOL Historical Information

Other Federal Government Historical Pages

Bureau of the Census Centennial

Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of State

Environmental Protection Agency

Food and Drug Administration

Library of Congress — "American Memory"

National Archives and Records Administration — Presidential Libraries

National Archives and Records Administration — "Research Room"

National Institutes of Health — Museum of Medical Research

National Museum of American History

National Park Service

Public Health Service

Social Security Administration

Supreme Court of the United States

U.S. Senate

White House

Selected Non-Governmental Historical Sources

American Historical Review

Bobst Library Sources in U.S. Labor Studies

Bobst Library Sources in U.S. Women's Labor History

George Meany Memorial Archives, AFL-CIO

H-Net Discussion Lists

H-Labor Discussion List

Journal of American History

National Coalition for History

Society for History in the Federal Government

History Home Page

In-Depth Research

Annals of the Department

History eSources

Departmental Timeline

Historical Office

 Century of Service  

Wirtz Labor Library

Phone Numbers