U.S. Census Bureau

Congressional Apportionment--Delivering the Numbers

Drawing of the White House Title 13, U.S. Code requires that the apportionment population counts be delivered to the President within 9 months of the census date. In Census 2000 and most 20th century censuses, the census date has been April 1, meaning that the Office of the President received the counts by December 31 of each census year.

According to Title 2, U.S. Code, within one week of the opening of the next session of the Congress, the President must report to the Clerk of the House of Representatives the apportionment population counts for each state and the number of Representatives to which each state is entitled.

Also according to Title 2, U.S. Code, within 15 days, the Clerk of the House must inform each state governor of the number of representatives to which each state is entitled.

The legislatures in each state are responsible for geographically defining the boundaries of their congressional and other election districts--a process known as REDISTRICTING--and more detailed census results are used for these purposes.

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