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Table of Contents — Executive Order 13392 Plan and Report

  1. Description of Agency FOIA Program
    1. Steps Taken to Implement the Executive Order
  2. Areas Selected for Review
  3. Results of the Review
    1. General
  4. Areas Selected For Improvement
  5. The Agency Plan
    1. Improve Communication With Requesters.
      1. Outreach to the Requester Community and Solicitation of Input.
      2. Acknowledgement Letters.
      3. Communications Practices with Requesters.
    2. Increase Web Presence and Proactive Disclosure.
      1. Improve DOL Web site Information on FOIA.
      2. Required Affirmative Disclosure.
      3. Proactive Disclosure.
    3. Improve FOIA Tracking and Control Systems.
    4. Consider Increased Use of Electronic Tools in FOIA Processing.
    5. Encourage and Improve Multi-track Processing and Expedited Processing.
    6. Increase Appeals Processing Capacity, Backlog Reduction and Improve Timeliness.
      1. Initial Requests.
      2. Appeals.
    7. Enhance Staff Expertise and Training.
      1. Formal Training and Meetings.
      2. Make Resource Material More Readily Available.
  6. Summary Improvement Areas by Year With Select Action Items
    1. Improvement Areas Anticipated to be Completed by December 31, 2006
    2. Improvement Areas Anticipated to be Completed by December 31, 2007
    3. Improvement Areas to Continue Beyond December 31, 2007
  7. Conclusion

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