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Safety, Health and Return-to-Employment (SHARE) Initiative

The Safety, Health and Return to Employment (SHARE) initiative was launched in 2004 with the purpose of reducing occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities within the Federal government. The initiative was scheduled to run for three years, and established four goals in the critical areas of safety, health and injury case management, with performance measured based on improvement from a baseline of FY2003:

  • Reduction of total case rates for injuries and illnesses by at least 3% per year;

  • Reduction of case rates for lost time injuries and illnesses by at least 3% per year;

  • Increase in the timely filing of injury and illness notices by at least 5% per year;

  • Reduction of the rates of lost production days due to injuries and illnesses by at least 1% per year.

After the Federal government made great strides toward meeting all four goals by the end of the first three years of the initiative, in 2006 President Bush extended the SHARE initiative through FY2009, reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to improving workplace safety and health conditions for Federal workers, while also reducing the financial costs to America’s taxpayers. While performance of Federal agencies under the extension of the SHARE initiative continues to be measured based on the goals shown above, changes have been made to the methodology by which some agency targets are set. For an explanation of these changes, and to view major agency targets for each of the SHARE goals for FY2007 through FY2009, click here.

On November 28, 2007, an interagency meeting was held to discuss agencies’ progress toward meeting the goals of the SHARE initiative, as well as update agencies on FECA program performance and current and upcoming program initiatives. To view the presentations from the meeting, please click here.

SHARE Performance

The table below provides SHARE goal progress for the departments and five largest independent agencies. For additional detail, please visit the OWCP SHARE site or the Injury/Illness Statistics sites. Click on a link in the table below to view goal-by-goal progress statistics for an agency.

All Government, less USPSGreenGreenGreenGreen
Department of AgricultureRedRedGreenRed
Department of CommerceGreenGreenGreenGreen
Department of Defense GreenRedGreenGreen
Department of the Air ForceGreenRedGreenRed
Department of the ArmyRedRedGreenGreen
Department of NavyGreenGreenGreenGreen
Department of EducationRedRedRedGreen
Department of EnergyRedRedRedGreen
Department of Health and Human ServicesGreenRedRedRed
Department of Homeland SecurityGreenGreenGreenGreen
Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentRedGreenGreenGreen
Department of InteriorRedGreenGreenGreen
Department of JusticeGreenRedGreenGreen
Department of LaborGreenGreenGreenGreen
Department of StateRedRedGreenGreen
Department of TransportationGreenGreenGreenRed
Department of TreasuryGreenGreenRedGreen
Department of Veterans AffairsRedGreenGreenGreen
Environmental Protection AgencyGreenRedRedGreen
General Services AdministrationGreenGreenGreenGreen
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGreenGreenGreenGreen
Social Security AdministrationGreenGreenGreenRed
Tennessee Valley AuthorityGreenRedRedRed

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