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Export Trading Company Affairs (ETCA) was created by Congress as part of the Export Trading Company Act of 1982.  Located in the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, ETCA promotes the formation and use of export trade intermediaries and the development of joint export ventures by U.S. firms, including joint ventures by U.S. firms that are competitors in the domestic market.

ETCA administers two programs available to all U.S. exporters or potential exporters.  The Export Trade Certificate of Review (COR) program assists firms in lowering their export costs and provides antitrust protection to U.S. firms for a variety of export related activities including joint export activities by two or more firms.

ETCA's myEXPORTS program is a multimedia advertising tool that enables U.S. firms to advertise their export interests worldwide.

In addition, ETCA sponsors special events such as trade missions and export related conferences.


Jeffrey Anspacher                                                                            Director

Vanessa Bachman                                                               Deputy Director

Shirley Hooker                                                              Administrative Officer

Sepia Thompson                                                  International Trade Specialist

Office of Export Trading Company Affairs
Room 7021
U.S. Department of Commerce
International Trade Administration
Washington, DC 20230

(202) 482-5131

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