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Photo Gallery - Patent & Trademark Office

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NOTE: The Technology Administration (TA) was aboloshed by the America CCOMPETES Act of 2007, P.S. 110-69, signed into law by President George W. Bush on August 6, 2007. This Web page is maintained as an archival record of TA events. None of the photographs has been updated since the agency was aboloshed.


07/27/07 2007 National Medal of Technology Reception
05/19/2006 Swearing In Robert Cresanti
02/13/2006 2004 National Medal of Technology Banquet
06/02/2004 Confirmation Hearing for Ben Wu, for Asst. Secretary for Technology Policy
07/1/2003 U.S.- India Financing Innovation Forum
12/09/2002 World Trade Center Press Briefing
09/19/2002 Phil Bond Hosts Student Tech Roundtable
08/13/2002 Phil Bond Meets w/China Ministry of Science & Technology
06/12/2002 White House NMS&T Presentation
05/01/2002 Global Science & Technology Week
03/15/2002 US and Russia Seminar on Venture Capital
02/14/2002 Secy Evans w/Dean Kamen Science & Tech Demo 
02/08/2002 Secy Evans Emerging Securities Tech Fair 
02/05/2002 Press Brief Science & Technology 

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