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Commerce -
100th Anniversary

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Acting Under Secretary
Christopher Padilla


09/05/2007 U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Brd
05/17/2007 Tourism Week Press Conference
05/15/2007 Trade Winds Forum
01/30/2007 U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Brd
01/23/2007 US/China Venture Capital
01/18/2007 President's Export Council
09/22/2006 MAS All Hands Meeting
08/31/2006 Peter Hale Farewell
08/02/2006 Hank Levine Farewell
07/19/2006 Presidents Export Council
01/20/2006 Radio Day
01/20/2006 David Spooner Swearing In
01/17/2006 Mexico's Secretary of Economy
12/14/2005 Confirmation Hearings Spooner and Bohigian
11/08/2005 Celebration of Life Tim Hauser
10/18/2005 Confirmation Hearing Amb. Frank Lavin
10/13/2005 Swearing In Israel Hernandez
06/16/2005 Confirmation Hearing Israel Hernandez
04/20/2005 25th Anniversary Reception
04/12/2005 JCCT Medical Device Signing
01/28/2005 China/Boeing Signing Ceremony
12/06/2004 MOU Signing with China
06/22/2004 China Export Pavilion
03/17/2004 Presidential Export Council
06/19/2003 Partnership for Prosperity
04/4/2003 Virginia Apple Growers Receive Export Trade Certificate of Review
04/18/2002 CEEBIC Open House 4-18-02

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