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CFBCI Mission Statement

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Our Mission

To empower the faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) that help their neighbors prepare for, enter, and thrive in the workforce.

The work of the Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (the Center) stems from a simple conviction: America can do better for our neighbors in need when we draw upon the unique strengths of every willing partner.

The Center’s Goals

  • To ensure a "level playing field" for all organizations (including those previously excluded) willing to join with the government in service. This principle applies both to non-financial partnerships and funding opportunities (e.g., grants for projects to help accomplish the department’s mission).
  • To eliminate unnecessary barriers to partnering with the Department of Labor (DOL), such as complicated grant applications that discourage small non-profits and unwarranted regulations that undermine faith-based organizations’ rights to maintain their religious identity. Information about new “Equal Treatment” regulations can be found at
  • To cultivate partnerships between public organizations, private organizations, and non-profit organizations that make services more effective. Efforts include:

Federal Funding Opportunities and Other Resources

Discretionary Funding is provided directly by the federal government via grants or other competitive processes to non-profits, businesses, or government agencies. DOL agencies and offices that regularly release discretionary grants include:

The Center works with each of these agencies to ensure their grant solicitations are accessible to all organizations. Advice on grant-writing and lists of current and past grant opportunities are available on

Formula Funding goes exclusively to state and local governments which will often provide portions of these funds in grants or contracts to non-profits, businesses, or other government agencies within their jurisdiction. Because approximately 85% of DOL’s resources for employment and training services are formula funds, CFBCI strongly promotes collaboration with local outlets, such as the national network of One-Stop Career Centers (sometimes called "Job Centers" or "Job Links"), for these services. Partnerships between FBCOs and local One-Stop Career Centers can range from informal mutual referrals or co-location within the One-Stop, to competitive local contracts or grants.

To access information on how to cultivate these partnerships, connect with businesses to place customers, and obtain materials designed to aid One-Stop operators and government administrators with outreach to FBCOs, please visit


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