98.412 - Opportunity to contest suspension.

(a) Submission in opposition. Within 30 days after receipt of the notice of suspension, the respondent may submit, in person, in writing, or through a representative, information and argument in opposition to the suspension.
(b) Additional proceedings as to disputed material facts. (1) If the suspending official finds that the respondent's submission in opposition raises a genuine dispute over facts material to the suspension, respondent(s) shall be afforded an opportunity to appear with a representative, submit documentary evidence, present witnesses, and confront any witness the agency presents, unless:
(i) The action is based on an indictment, conviction or civil judgment, or
(ii) A determination is made, on the basis of Department of Justice advice, that the substantial interests of the Federal Government in pending or contemplated legal proceedings based on the same facts as the suspension would be prejudiced.
(2) A transcribed record of any additional proceedings shall be prepared and made available at cost to the respondent, upon request, unless the respondent and the agency, by mutual agreement, waive the requirement for a transcript.