98.413 - Suspending official's decision.

The suspending official may modify or terminate the suspension (for example, see 98.320(c) for reasons for reducing the period or scope of debarment) or may leave it in force. However, a decision to modify or terminate the suspension shall be without prejudice to the subsequent imposition of suspension by any other agency or debarment by any agency. The decision shall be rendered in accordance with the following provisions:
(a) No additional proceedings necessary. In actions: based on an indictment, conviction, or civil judgment; in which there is no genuine dispute over material facts; or in which additional proceedings to determine disputed material facts have been denied on the basis of Department of Justice advice, the suspending official shall make a decision on the basis of all the information in the administrative record, including any submission made by the respondent. The decision shall be made within 45 days after receipt of any information and argument submitted by the respondent, unless the suspending official extends this period for good cause.
(b) Additional proceedings necessary. (1) In actions in which additional proceedings are necessary to determine disputed material facts, written findings of fact shall be prepared. The suspending official shall base the decision on the facts as found, together with any information and argument submitted by the respondent and any other information in the administrative record.
(2) The suspending official may refer matters involving disputed material facts to another official for findings of fact. The suspending official may reject any such findings, in whole or in part, only after specifically determining them to be arbitrary or capricious or clearly erroneous.
(c) Notice of suspending official's decision. Prompt written notice of the suspending official's decision shall be sent to the respondent.