98.411 - Notice of suspension.

When a respondent is suspended, notice shall immediately be given:
(a) That suspension has been imposed;
(b) That the suspension is based on an indictment, conviction, or other adequate evidence that the respondent has committed irregularities seriously reflecting on the propriety of further Federal Government dealings with the respondent;
(c) Describing any such irregularities in terms sufficient to put the respondent on notice without disclosing the Federal Government's evidence;
(d) Of the cause(s) relied upon under 98.405 for imposing suspension;
(e) That the suspension is for a temporary period pending the completion of an investigation or ensuing legal, debarment, or Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act proceedings;
(f) Of the provisions of 98.411 through 98.413 and any other Department of Labor procedures, if applicable, governing suspension decisionmaking; and
(g) Of the effect of the suspension.