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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

OWCP Administers disability compensation programs that provide benefits for certain workers or dependants who experience work-related injury or illness.
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EEOICP Program Statistics

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This page has been refined to provide more information about cases and claims.*  We now differentiate applications as either covered or non-covered. Non-covered applications are those for which the medical condition claimed is not one of the three conditions covered by the Act (Part B); or the claimant did not establish that the employee had covered employment (Parts B and E); or a survivor did not meet relationship or dependency requirements (Part E). We also provide detail regarding the reasons for denial of covered applications.

* Claim numbers count each survivor and each employee who filed for benefits.  Case numbers count only employees (living or deceased) whose reported employment and illness are the basis for the application for benefits.

Data as of

[Compensation payment totals updated Friday.  Medical bill payment totals updated Monday.]

Combined Part B and E Summary
Applications Filed 170,374 118,549*
Covered Applications Filed 128,313 94,577
Total Compensation Paid


45,856 33,916

Total Dollars

Total Medical Bills Paid

Total Dollars

Total Compensation + Medical Bills Paid $4,315,339,448

*A total of 69,812 unique individual workers are represented by the 118,549 cases reported.

Part B

Applications Filed 94,096 64,026
Non Covered Applications        (show details) 16,916 14,064
Non Covered Employment 5,859 4,365
Condition Not Covered 11,057 9,699
Covered Applications Filed 77,180 49,962
  Recommended Decisions*1    
Approved 37,055 24,561
Denied 27,731 19,346


64,786 43,907
  Final Decisions*1    
Approved 35,775 23,962
(show details)      Denied 25,826 18,207
  Survivor Not Eligible 2,198 545
  Cancer Not Work Related *2 16,664 12,551
  Medical Info Insufficient to Support Claim 6,964 5,111
Total 61,601 42,169
  Compensation Paid    


33,466 22,110

Total Dollars


*1 With regard to covered applications only

*2 Probability of Causation is less than 50 percent


Part E

Applications Filed 76,278 54,523
Non Covered Applications        (show details) 25,145 9,908
Non Covered Employment 3,615 3,012
Survivor Not Covered *5 21,530 6,896
Covered Applications Filed 51,133 44,615
  Recommended Decisions*3    
Approved 20,496 19,382
Denied 18,715 17,809


39,211 37,191
  Final Decisions*3    
Approved 19,343 18,473
(show details)      Denied 17,117 16,422
  Cancer Not Work Related*4 4,426 4,323
  Medical Info Insufficient to Support Claim 12,691 12,099


36,460 34,895
  Compensation Paid    


12,390 11,806

Total Dollars


*3 With regard to covered applications only
*4 Probability of Causation is less than 50 percent
*5 Per EEOICPA amendments of 2004, adult children are not covered under Part E.


Part B - NIOSH Actions

Cases Referred to NIOSH 28,165
   Cases Returned from NIOSH
With Dose Reconstruction  (DR) 18,667
Being Re-worked for Return to NIOSH*6 31
Withdrawn from NIOSH (no DR)*7 2,677
   Cases Currently at NIOSH
Initial/Original Referral to NIOSH 3,669
Reworks or Returns to NIOSH *6 3,103

*6  Examples of re-worked case:  Case was returned to DOL by NIOSH with a dose reconstruction, but additional medical or employment evidence needs to be developed; case is then returned to NIOSH.
*7  Withdrawn case:  Case was sent to NIOSH and later withdrawn without a dose reconstruction. Reasons for withdrawal: claimant request, claimant death, insufficient employment evidence, or confirmation of coverage at a Special Exposure Cohort worksite.


Cases with Dose Reconstruction (DR) 18,667
DR Cases Pending Recommended Decision by DOL 413
DR cases with Recommended Decision  
  Recommended Decision to Accept 7,164
  Recommended Decision to Deny 11,088
Total 18,252
DR cases with Final Decision
  Final Decision to Accept      (show details) 5,901
  Number of cases pending payment 55
Number of cases paid 5,846
Final Decision to Deny 10,138
Total 16,039
  Compensation Paid - Total Dollars $873,908,791
  Number of Individuals Paid 8,310



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