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Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research (COER)

This document lists current funded grants for which COER staff members serve as project officers. To also access information on COER grants that have ended or been closed, select Funded Grants.

Publications that result from Agency-funded projects are periodically described in AHRQ's monthly newsletter Research Activities. Once a grant is closed and a final report has been filed, the final report is available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

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Principal Investigator Title Institution Project
Ahern, Frank M. Impact of Prospective Drug Use Review on Health Pennsylvania State University 1996-2000 R01 HS09075 Bosco, Lynn A.
Albertsen, Peter C. Comparison of Treatment Efficacy for Prostate Cancer University of Connecticut 1998-2003 R01 HS09578 Fox, Steven
Angus, Derek C. Economic Analysis of Pulmonary Artery Catheter Use University of Pittsburgh 2001-2005 R01 HS11620 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Asarnow, Joan R. Youth Partners in Care: Depression and Quality Improvement University of California 1998-2003 R01 HS09908 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Ashton, Carol M. Racial and Ethnic Variation in Medical Interactions Baylor College of Medicine 2000-2005 P01 HS10876 Stryer, Daniel B.
Barry, Michael J. PORT-II for Prostatic Diseases Massachusetts General Hospital 1994-2000 R01 HS08397 Fox, Steven
Barry, Michael J. Prostate Cancer Detection, Treatment, and Outcomes of Two SEER Areas: A Natural Experiment Massachusetts General Hospital 2001-2005 R01 HS10278 Fox, Steven
Beddhu, Srinivasan Comorbidity, Costs and Outcomes in Dialysis Patients University of Utah 2001-2003 R03 HS11370 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Bennett, Susan J. Comparison of Quality of Life Measures in Heart Failure Indiana University 1998-2000 R03 HS09822 Stryer, Daniel
Buchanan, Joan Hospitalization of Nursing Facility Residents Harvard University 2000-2003 R01 HS10645 Cummings, Mary A.
Califf, Robert M. DCRI CERT for Cardiovascular Therapies Duke University Medical Center 1999-2002 U18 HS10548 Bosco, Lynn A.
Campbell, William Rational Therapeutics for the Pediatric Population University of North Carolina 1999-2002 U18 HS10397 Bosco, Lynn A.
Carey, Timothy S. Overcoming Health Racial Health Disparities University of North Carolina 2000-2005 P01 HS10861 Stryer, Daniel B.
Carter, David R. Medical Intervention Effectiveness and Outcomes in COPD University of Texas Health Center at Tyler 1997-2000 R01 HS08774 Bosco,
Lynn A.
Cella, David Outcomes Management: Ensuring Evidence-Based Practice ENH Research Institute 2002-2003 R13 HS12082 Fox, Steven
Chassin, Mark R. Improving the Delivery of Effective Care to Minorities Mount Sinai School of Medicine 2000-2005 P01 HS10859 Stryer, Daniel B.
Cherkin, Daniel C. A National Alternative Medicine Ambulatory Care Survey Center for Health Studies 1997-2000 R03 HS09565 Cummings, Mary A.
Cherkin, Daniel C. Evaluating the Efficacy of Acupuncture for Back Pain Center for Health Studies 1998-2001 R01 HS09989 Cummings, Mary A.
Clarke, Gregory N. HMO Collaborative Care Treatment for Depressed Youth Kaiser Foundation Research Institute 1999-2003 R01 HS10535 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Cloutier, Michelle Marie Managed Care Organization Use of A Pediatric Asthma Management Program University of Connecticut 2000-2003 U18 HS11147 Stryer, Daniel B.
Cook, Karon F. Equating Health Measures: Testing the Practical Implications of Equating Designs Baylor College of Medicine 2000-2002 R03 HS11040 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Coons, Stephen Joel Valuation of the EuroQol EQ-5D Health States University of Arizona 2001-2003 R01 HS10243 Chiang, Yen-Pin
Cowper, Patricia A. Impact of Early Discharge Following Bypass Surgery Duke University Medical Center 2000-2002 R01 HS10279 Stryer, Daniel B.
Delong, Elizabeth R. Managed Care Features Affecting Quality for Coronary Artery Disease Patients Duke University Medical Center 1999-2002 R01 HS09940 Stryer, Daniel
Dickersin, Kay Surgical Treatments Outcomes Project for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (Stop-DUB) Brown University 1996-2001 U01 HS09506 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Dienemann, Jacqueline S. Domestic Violence Assessment and Intervention Georgetown University 1999-2001 R03 HS10731 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Donaldson, Nancy E. Unit Level Nurse Workload Impacts on Patient Safety University of California San Francisco 2001-2003 R01 HS11954 Cummings, Mary
Dugan, Elizabeth Biofeedback and Urinary Incontinence in Older Women Bowman Gray School of Medicine 2000-2001 R03 HS10663 Hubbard, Henrietta D.
Elmore, Joanne Understanding Variability in Community Mammography University of Washington 2000-2003 R01 HS10591 Cummings, Mary A.
Feldstein, Adrianne Factors Associated with Gaps in Osteoporosis Treatment Kaiser Foundation Research Institute 2002-2003 R03 HS13013 Cummings, Mary
Fennerty, M. Brian Using an Endoscopic Database to Study Outcomes of Reflux Oregon Health Sciences University 2000-2001 R03 HS10650 Fox, Steven
Fifield, Judith Better Pediatric Outcomes Through Chronic Care University of Connecticut 2000-2003 U18 HS11068 Cummings, Mary A.
Fine, Michael J. Dissemination of Guidelines for Pneumonia Length of Stay University of Pittsburgh 1996-2000 R01 HS08282 Stryer, Daniel B.
Fine, Michael J. Guideline to Improve Quality of Initial Pneumonia Care University of Pittsburgh 1999-2002 R01 HS10049 Stryer, Daniel B.
Fitzgibbons, Robert J., Jr. Inguinal Hernia Management: Watchful Waiting vs. Operation American College of Surgeons 1999-2004 R01 HS09860 Stryer, Daniel B.
Fomby, Betty W. Small Grant Program for Conference Support Center for Wellness, Southern University 2000-2001 R13 HS10932 Stryer, Daniel B.
Gage, Brian F. Optimal Antithrombotic Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Barnes-Jewish Hospital 1999-2002 R01 HS10133 Stryer, Daniel B.
Gerber, Ben Steven Diabetes Education Multimedia for Vulnerable Populations University of Illinois at Chicago 2000-2003 U18 HS11092 Stryer, Daniel B.
Groff, Janet Y. Treatment Outcomes for Abused Women in Public Clinics The University of Texas Health Sci Center 2000-2004 R01 HS11079 Mullican, Charlotte A.
Hagen, Michael D. Small Grant Program for Conference Support University of Kentucky Research Foundation 2000-2001 R13 HS10931 Chiang, Yen-Pin

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