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ferret: ( fer' • it ) v. To uncover and to bring to light by searching; to search intensively.
A collaboration between the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control  
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What Is DataFerrett?

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July 17, 2007: Community Economic Development HotReport Released at Workforce Innovations Conference

The official unveiling of the Community Economic Development (CED) HotReport took place on July 17, in Kansas City, MO. The groundbreaking product is the work of the Census Bureau’s Data Integration Division. HotReports utilize TheDataWeb, DataFerrett and ReportWriter technology to retrieve and analyze data from myriad data sets in- and outside of the Census Bureau and display it visually on interactive web pages.

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The BetaDataFerrett is the newest application code that is being tested.

DataFerrett is a data mining tool that accesses data stored in TheDataWeb through the internet. DataFerrett can be installed as an application on your desktop or use a java applet with an internet browser.

DataFerrett is compatible with Windows operating systems: 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP.

How do I install DataFerrett?

Get the DataFerrett Browser and instructions here!

How to get to the data?

After starting and entering your login email address DataFerrett gives introductory information for users. Either click on the GetDataNow button or Go to Step 1 to open the data collection screen. DataFerrett starts up with a QuickTour, or go to the DataFerrett Users' Guide.

Use the DataFerrett Applet if you require typical system administrator services to install software.

BetaDataFerrett Is Available!


DataFerrett does NOT work with Vista

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