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OCIO Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership, policy, guidance and assistance to Departmental agencies in all aspects of using information technology to implement and manage those programs within the Department.

To accomplish its mission, the CIO will:

Enable efficient and effective communications and information sharing through interoperability and interconnectivity. This includes:

  • determining necessary DOL Information Technology commonality and compatibility needs to develop requisite Information Technology architecture strategy, and providing resources to finance innovative cross-cutting Information Technology initiatives; and
  • promoting DOL information exchange/accessibility of internal and external DOL customers through the Internet and Intranet.

Manage DOL information collections. Limit the amount of information required from the public and report progress in restricting paperwork to that required by law or other essential need.

Promote and facilitate learning opportunities that ensure DOL's workforce is adequately trained and experienced in Information Technology.

Assure that all Information Technology investments are effective and efficient in accordance with Federal and Departmental guidance to execute sound capital planning and investment strategies.

Provide guidance to agencies in execution of their Information Technology investments for consistency with departmental strategic and capital plans, and Information Technology architecture.

Develop and manage Information Technology policies to ensure departmental compliance with regulations in addition to providing assistance and guidance to agencies in their dealings with Information Technology issues and initiatives.

Plan on a strategic basis for and coordinate the management of the Department's information technology and information systems.

Prepare an annual budget report on information technology for inclusion in the Department's budget submission to Congress, describing the progress in achieving goals.

Ensure that an adequate level of security exists for all agency automated information systems, whether maintained in-house or commerically. Also, ensure that all DOL employees and contractors are adequately trained in security information technology issues.

Enter into contracts that provide for multi-agency acquisitions of information technology in accordance with guidance issued by the Director, OMB.

Provide oversight and maintenance to ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information, including statistical information, disseminated by the Department.

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