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Is this a legitimate phone call?

If you have received a telephone call from the U.S. Census Bureau it could have originated from one of the Regional Offices or the National Processing Center. The caller should have stated in the message from which place they were calling.

However, if they did not, contact the National Processing Center telephone centers and we will assist you.

If you believe the call originated from the National Processing Center and would like to verify the person calling you is indeed a Census Bureau employee, you may confirm this by using the telephone center number listed on the Contact the National Processing Center page. Please have your case ID number ready when you call.

When you contact us, if you can provide any of the following information, it will help us respond more quickly:

  1. The name of the survey and/or the return address for the survey form (if you received a request in the mail or by e-mail)
  2. The name and/or telephone number of anyone who contacted you by phone
  3. Your case ID number

The National Processing Center telephone centers contact respondents over the phone to conduct surveys. There are three strategically placed telephone centers located in Jeffersonville, Indiana; Hagerstown, Maryland; and Tucson, Arizona. Visit the Census Bureau’s National Processing Center site to learn more about other activities.

If you have questions regarding a specific region, contact your Regional Office.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Field Division
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