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The posting on the Internet of the Trade Mission Calendar is based on Department of Commerce's Trade Mission Policy. As particular trade missions are identified, and their official trade mission statements are approved for release to the public, they will be listed on this trade mission calendar page. For a more complete calendar of world-wide Trade Events that are supported by one or more U.S. Government agencies to help U.S. companies export go to Trade Events.

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Completed Trade Missions 2004
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December 5-14, 2004 Oil and Gas Equipment and Services Trade Mission to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hanoi
November 24-27, 2004 Corporate Executive Office Mission at Medica - Dusseldorf, Germany
November 18-19, 2004 Explore BC – Safety and Security Trade Mission to Vancouver, Canada
November 18-19, 2004 Healthcare Techonlogies Trade Mission - United Kingdom
October 28 - November 1, 2004 Aerospace Executive Service Trade Mission to Chengdu, Guangzhoa and the International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2004)
October 17-22, 2004 Undersecretarial Business Development Mission for Technology Industries to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
September 26 - October 1, 2004 Environmental Technologies Trade Mission to China and Hong Kong
September 26 - October 1, 2004 Commercial Service Trade Mission - Tourism Infrastructure - Istanbul, Turkey, Sofia, Bulgaria, Zagreb, Croatia
September 21-24, 2004 Aerospace Executive Service at AAD - Africa Aerospace and Defense - Waterkloof Air Force Base, Pretoria, South Africa
September 19-22, 2004 Automotive Supply Chain Trade Mission to Monterrey & Saltillo, Mexico
September 13-17, 2004 Healthcare Technologies Trade Mission to The Czech Republic, Hungary and The Slovak Republic
July 19-25, 2004 Aerospace Executive Service Program - Farnborough International Exhibition and Flying Display - Farnborough, England
June 22-23, 2004 Explore BC - Vancouver, Canada
June 15-18, 2004 Asia Now Co-Exhibitor Program at CommunicAsia 2004 - Singapore
June 16-17, 2004 REPCAN 2004 - Toronto, Canada
May 3-4, 2004 Plastics Trade Mission to Canada - Toronto, Canada
April 21-22, 2004 Information & Communication Technology Trade Mission to Canada - Toronto, Canada
April 21-22, 2004 Fashion Accessories Trade Mission to Montreal, Canada
April 19-23, 2004 Medical Device Trade Mission to China
March 29 - April 6, 2004 Environmental Technologies Trade Mission Malaysia - Thailand - Vietnam
March 29-30, 2004 Natural Health Products Trade Mission to Canada - Montreal, Canada
March 15-23, 2004 Women's Apparel Trade Mission to Europe (Germany, England and Sweden)
March 15-23, 2004 Information And Communication Technologies Trade Mission to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
March 15-19, 2004 U.S. Microelectronics Trade Mission to Shanghai and Suzhou, China
March 10-12, 2004 Port Security Trade Mission to Genoa, Italy
February 23-24, 2004 Aerospace Executive Service Program Asian Aerospace, Singapore
February 9-13, 2004 Heathcare Technologies Trade Mission to Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands