Aerospace Executive Service (AES) Program

Singapore Air Show

February 18-21, 2008

Mission Statement

Mission Description :

The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA) Aerospace & Defense Technologies Team and the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in Singapore is organizing an Aerospace Executive Service (AES) matchmaking mission to the 2008 Singapore Air Show on February 18-21.

The AES matchmaking mission offers an opportunity for U.S. aerospace-industry manufacturers and service providers to meet with international agents, distributors and end-users whose capabilities are targeted to each U.S. participants’ needs in that particular market. Mission participants will also meet with key local industry contacts who can advise on local market conditions and opportunities.

In addition to the abovementioned services, the U.S. Commercial Service will again bring its Asia Now initiative to the Singapore Airshow. Through the Asia Now program, mission participants will meet one on one with U.S. Commercial Service Aerospace & Defense Industry Specialists from 13 participating Posts throughout Asia. Our industry specialists will be on hand to discuss market trends and opportunities in their respective markets.

Commercial Setting :

Singapore Air Show is Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event and stands as one of the top three air shows in the world, serving as a global marketplace and networking platform for the global aerospace community. Encompassing all civil and military sectors of the international aerospace industry, Singapore Air Show is the foremost platform for aerospace companies to showcase their products and services in the Asia-Pacific.

Singapore is the Gateway to Asia – a market of over one billion people. With U.S. exports to the Pacific Rim countries totaling $236 billion, Asia is our largest overseas market outside of North America. Singapore’s highly developed economy and reliance on foreign trade, combined with the consistent growth of its aerospace industry, make the 2008 Singapore Air Show ripe with opportunities for U.S. aerospace firms looking to establish or expand business in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Mission Goal :

The goal of the AES at the 2008 Singapore Air Show is to facilitate an effective presence for small and medium sized U.S. companies, yet alleviate the need for them to incur the major expenses associated with purchasing and staffing exhibition space.

The AES Program will enable U.S. aerospace companies to familiarize themselves with this important trade fair, to conduct market research, and to explore export opportunities through pre-arranged meetings with potential partners. The AES will also allow U.S. companies to have a presence at the show in the form of an AES Business Information Office (BIO) Booth that will give them an enhanced image and level of engagement. AES participants will be supported by knowledgeable Commercial Service specialists familiar with each firms’ objectives.

Mission Scenario:

Companies interested in the AES may apply to the program, and once accepted (see ‘Criteria for Participant Selection’) will work with the AES coordinator to define their business goals at Singapore Air Show. M ission participants will forward company information and literature to CS Singapore, which will facilitate partner searches, management and logistical coordination of the program. Participants will have individual company booth space within the 150-square meter U.S. BIO and are encouraged to display company literature. The BIO includes a display area for the mission participants, discussion area for meetings with CS staff attending the show, reception area, private meeting room, and office that can also be used as a private meeting room if necessary. The AES coordinator will use email and conference calls to communicate with U.S. participants prior to the mission. CS staff and the AES coordinator will be available for information and assistance throughout the duration of the AES at the Singapore Air Show. Additional CS posts organizing buyer groups will be advised of the AES mission participants. CS information booths in the U.S. BIO will promote and refer interested parties to AES participants. Prior to the end of the AES program, CS staff will advise and counsel participants on appropriate follow-up procedures.

Participation in the AES Program includes:

Mission Timetable :

Participants will arrive in Singapore on their own schedule and will meet on Monday, February 18, 2008 at a hotel TBD. CS staff will brief them on program features. The Ambassador will provide an introduction and will discuss the business climate in Singapore. Participants will then receive a country/regional briefing on market opportunities, and will later begin their series of one-on-one meetings. Monday evening, they will participate in an AES reception to meet with other AES participants and industry contacts. On Tuesday, February 19, firms will continue their one-on-one meetings at the hotel in the morning and will visit the 2008 Singapore Air Show site in the afternoon. The following two days, AES participants will attend the Singapore Air Show, where they can visit the exhibition and follow-up on contacts made during the course of the one-on-one meetings earlier in the week, as well as represent their company at the BIO booth space.

Criteria for Participant Selection: Each applicant to the program will be screened for the following:

The maximum number of companies to participate in the AES mission to the 2008 Singapore Air Show is 14. Recruitment will begin immediately and conclude no later than January 11, 2008. Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and applications received after that date will be considered only if space and scheduling constraints permit.

Mission recruitment will be conducted in an open and public manner, including posting on the Commerce Department trade missions calendar - - and other Internet websites, publication in domestic trade publications and association newsletters, mailings from internal mailing lists, winfaxes to internal database aerospace clients, email to aerospace distribution lists, through posting in the Federal Register, and at industry meetings, symposia, conferences, trade shows, etc. The AES Program will also be promoted by CS and by ITA Aerospace & Defense Technology Team members in U.S. Export Assistance Centers.

Any partisan political activities (including political contributions) of an applicant are entirely irrelevant to the selection process.

Contact information :

ITA Aerospace & Defense Technology Team:

US Commercial Service in Singapore:

Melissa Grosso

Middletown US Export Assistance Center
213 Court Street, Suite 903
Middletown, CT 06457
Tel: (860) 638-6950
Fax: (860) 638-6970

Hawcheng Ng

American Embassy
27 Napier Road
Singapore 258508
Tel. 011- (65) 6476-9037
Fax 011- (65) 6476-9080

Jason Sproule

International Trade Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service - Newport Beach
3300 Irvine Ave., Ste. 307
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: (949) 660-1688 Ext. 151
Fax: (949) 660-1338